GrabDoc v1.3.2 - Tileable Baking Addon | Blender 3.0+

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GrabDoc v1.3.2 - Tileable Baking Addon | Blender 3.0+

Ethan Simon-Law
370 ratings

GrabDoc is a Blender add-on structured around creating a simple and streamlined method of exporting baked maps for trim sheets, tileables or even alphas. When installed all you need to do is run the one-click scene setup, and then start modeling! Whether you've modeled out your shapes or are still modeling them you can preview what the baked maps will look like in the viewport live! Once satisfied you can bake all maps using in-house options or even utilizing Marmoset Toolbag 3's baker for the best results!

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Live Material Preview

Preview materials such as Normals, Curvature, Ambient Occlusion, Height and Material ID live at the single press of a button.

Fast, Low File-Size Bakes

Bakes are fast, and can even be small with optional lossless compression at the users fingertips.

Create Alpha Masks

Need a black and white flat mask of your shapes but don't want to set up the ID Map? Just use the 'Alpha Mask' option within the Height bakers settings!

Create Normal Stamps

You can build Normal stamps for use in Substance (or any program).

Bridge to Marmoset Toolbag 3 & 4 (PRO VERSION ONLY)

Since GrabDoc is limited by the capabilities of Blender, there is an option for those interested in getting the highest quality results a one-click Marmoset Toolbag export & bake option. Additionally you can 'refresh' the Marmoset scene after making changes to your meshes within Blender, no need to reopen Marmoset every time.


How long do you intend to support this project?

The licensing is clear that further support is not required, but I will say that I personally hold myself up to patching any and all preexisting full releases of the add-on for bugs or unintended results on the Blender version it was initially built on.

Will you ever support pre-release versions of Blender?

No. GrabDoc will only ever support stable full release branches of Blender. It should still work in higher or lower versions of the latest release's prescribed version it was built on since the API doesn't often see compatibility breaking changes, but compatibility is never guaranteed.

I have a feature idea, where do I go to request this new feature?

Great! I am open to new ideas. Get in touch with me using the contact info below.


Michael Kinsey for extensive testing and workflow advice.

Joseph Oliver for helping with the alpha system workflow.

Floatharr for extensive bug testing.


[v1.3.2] March 12th, 2022 - Port to 3.1, Cycles support, bug squashing

[v1.3.1] December 4th, 2021 - Bug squashing patch

[v1.3] December 3rd, 2021 - Port to 3.0, new features, bug squashing

[v1.2] June 8th, 2021 - Port to 2.93, some new features, bug squashing

[v1.1] December 26th, 2020 - Port to 2.91, new features, bug squashing

[v1.0] July 21st, 2020 - Initial Release


GrabDoc supports Blender 3.0+. It may work on lower or higher versions of Blender, but support is not guaranteed. If you ever have problems with any of the tools provided you can contact me via email @ or via the Support Discord Server.

I want this!


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