GrabDoc 1.4.1

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GrabDoc is a Blender 4+ add-on for quickly baking trim sheets and tileable texture maps.

After installation, run the one-click scene setup and then start modeling! GrabDoc provides a camera object with the ability to preview your rendered texture maps in real-time via custom shaders in Workbench, EEVEE, and Cycles. Once satisfied you can bake all maps using the default baker or using Marmoset Toolbag's baker for the best results!

This page exists in support of the continued development of this tool. GrabDoc is available via GPL licensing on GitHub.

Latest Version - 1.4

Port to Blender 4, revamped UI, new bake maps, cycles for all bake maps & much more!


Many Bake Types

GrabDoc features many custom shader setups for baking, such as:

  • Normals
  • Curvature (Workbench, Cycles)
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Height
  • Material ID (Workbench only)
    • Vertex Color
    • Material Color
    • Random Color
  • Alpha (Blender only)
  • Emissive (Blender only)
  • Albedo (Blender only)
  • Metalness (Blender only)
  • Roughness (Blender only)

Workbench / EEVEE / Cycles Baking Supported

For compatible map types (listed above) you can bake using Workbench, EEVEE, and Cycles!

Real-time Bake Preview

You may preview your rendered texture maps in real-time via the Bake Preview system. This is useful for seeing your final result on the go without needing to re-output new images after an iteration.

Fast bakes, low file sizes

Texture bakes are fast and can even be small when utilizing lossless & lossy compression.

Many formats supported

We support the most common texture map formats, including:

  • PNG (8/16 bit)
  • TIFF (8/16 bit)
  • TGA (8 bit)
  • EXR (16/32 bit)

Marmoset Toolbag Bridge

For those interested in getting the highest quality results you can use the Marmoset Toolbag bridge! You can also use the refresh baking option to update already opened instances of Marmoset Toolbag.

Special Thanks

A special thank you to the following listed for their dev testing and workflow advice:

GrabDoc supports Blender 4+. It may work on other versions of Blender, but support is not guaranteed. If you ever have problems with any of the tools provided you can contact me via email @ or via the Discord Server for support.

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GrabDoc 1.4.1

416 ratings
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