Pie Menus Plus 1.4

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Pie Menus Plus is an add-on structured around creating a fully functioning pie menu ecosystem that extends usability beyond what the built-in pie menus are capable of. Additionally, Pie Menus Plus exposes many commonly used parameters and operators that under normal circumstances are very frequently used, would otherwise be buried under inconvenient panels and sub-menus. These parameters have been moved directly into the contextually relevant pies.

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Some operators shown have multiple versions for different context modes


Manually Edit Origin: A modal operator that allows you to directly manipulate the origin at a key press, with automatic snapping (face, edge, edge middle, vertex), wireframe enabling. This has similar functionality to pivot manipulation in Max or Maya. [EXPERIMENTAL] There is an option in the Preferences to enable snapping to the center of any face on the Active Object. This can be slow for bigger scenes as the methodology is quite inefficient.

Origin & 3D Cursor per Axis Reset: Another way of saying I made it possible to quickly zero out each axis on the origin & 3d cursor, or fully to 0,0,0. This is useful for modifiers if you work on the grid and don't use empties.


Context Checking

Most tools have been built with different contexts in mind, which means you won't have to worry about being in the wrong context nearly as much when using the pies.

Additionally, nearly every pie includes context checking functionality, which will warn you if you don't have an Active Object, or any selection at all (additionally this works with armatures). If you have a selection but no Active Object an option in most pies to automatically select one will appear in the bottom left of the menu.

Different Wireframe Methods

In User Preferences you can decide whether switching to wireframe mode switches to the standard wireframe shading mode, or adds edges faces to every mesh regardless of the Context Mode. This is a close-ish comparison to how wireframes are handled in 3DS Max.

Different Gizmo Handling Methods

This add-on promotes not using the transforms gizmo tools, therefore in the add-ons settings for the Active Tools Pie there is an option to change the default active tool changing method to a directly change the gizmo rather than the tool. When changing the gizmo your tool will switch to whatever selection tool you have defaulted to (Tweak, Box, Circle, Lasso, defaulted to Tweak).

Batch Operations

Most operations have batch functionality built-in, meaning you can run very repetitive tasks on every single selected object with a single action. In the future I intend to make these batch-able operations a choice rather than automatic to avoid requiring the user to deselect what they don't want the operations to run on.


Wont I have to completely uproot my current workflows to integrate into Pie Menus Plus?

Every pie (and 90% of the tools inside the pies) is built off of the standard tool-set and workflow ideologies of vanilla Blender, meaning just about anyone can adapt quickly to an inherently faster workflow that still feels fundamentally familiar. The add-ons essence is in its simplicity to understand and its familiarity to the just about any user already involved with the standard Blender workflow. There is a small learning curve, but that reflects more on your personal experiences with using pie/marking menus in general.

I have a feature idea, where do I go to request this new feature?

Great! I am open ears to your ideas. Get in touch with me using the contact info below.


[v1.4] October 18th, 2021 - Version bump to 3.0, new features, code refactor


Bobbe for helping with general python problems.

Pistiwique for creating the system you see in the Keymaps tab of the add-on.

rHebKo for extensive testing.

Pie Menus Plus was developed in Blender Version 2.83.0 and while most operations have been created carefully to work with earlier versions of Blender 2.8 it is still possible that I missed some things that wont work in earlier versions. I am supporting versions earlier than 2.83.0 down to 2.80 so if you ever have problems with any of the tools provided you can contact me via email @ ethan.simon.3d@gmail.com or via Discord @ razed#2764 (add me first).

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Pie Menus Plus 1.4

95 ratings
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